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Zoning - Room by Room Control

Braemar ducted gas heating offers two zoning options:

  • Standard zoning, with a single MagIQtouch controlling a common zone, plus up to four additional zones.
  • MagIQtouch Multizone zoning, with a separate MagIQtouch controller in each of up to four zones, allowing you to have different temperatures, and different user-programmed automatic operating times, in each zone. 


Standard zoning

With standard zoning, one MagIQtouch controller manages a common zone, as well as up to four additional zones. Heating can be turned on or off in each of the zones - great for saving money by not heating areas you aren’t using.


MagIQtouch Multizone for outstanding control and efficiency

If you’re looking for even greater efficiency, you can upgrade to the MagIQtouch Multizone system (upgrades are available with all four, five and six star systems). Remember that it’s easier and more-cost effective to do this when the system is first installed.

With this clever zoning option, you can have different temperatures in up to four separate zones. So the living areas can be warmer than the bedrooms - and you can even switch zones off completely, saving money. Each zone has its own MagIQtouch controller (hardwired to the wall), giving you total control over the individual comfort levels throughout your home.


PDF MagIQtouch Smart Controller Brochure


PDF MagIQtouch App Brochure


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