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Braemar brings you the world's first six star ducted gas heater

Braemar ducted gas central heating is Australia’s leading gas heating range, and has been keeping Australian families wonderfully warm for more than 50 years. Auckland Central Heating now brings to Auckland all the five and six star benefits of the Braemar range.

The higher the star rating, the more efficient the heater. Star ratings measure what percentage of gas used in the heating process is converted into heat. The higher the star rating, the closer to 100% of the gas is being converted into heat.

The new Braemar six star range is the first in the world to break the six star barrier. They’ve cleverly redesigned their heaters so they can now deliver far greater efficiency. When you consider that each additional star means 10-15% in energy savings, that's big news for the environment and for Kiwi's.


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